> QHY 294C Cool Color CMOS Camera[예약판매]
* 상품가격 1,420,000원 14,200원
* 상품코드 0156_00038
* 배송기간 2일 ~ 4일
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QHY294C Cooled Color CMOS Camera

The QHY294C is a premium-quality cooled color camera with an impressive CMOS sensor, capable of producing stunning images of the Moon, planets, and deep-sky objects! The QHY294C uses the popular SONY IMX294 BSI CMOS sensor, achieving the pixel number output necessary for 4K at 120 frame/s. This back-illuminated 11.6-megapixel sensor is housed in a sealed chamber that is heated to prevent dew from building up on the sensor or window. The sensor also uses 4.63um pixels and has extremely low read noise of 1.0e.

This camera's cooling feature reduces dark noise in your images. This feature comes in handy when imaging on warm summer nights! The QHY294C imaging camera has two-stage TEC cooling and temperature regulation that allows temperatures to reach a maximum of -35C below ambient. QHY has also tackled the problem of dew that can form on your sensor or sensor window, especially on damp nights. The QHY294 sensor chamber is fully sealed to keep air out and includes a window heater to keep everything nice and dry.

A built-in 256MB DDR3 image buffer provides a safeguard against unexpected drops in data transmission. A frame buffer avoids lost frames during USB transfer by storing image data in the camera itself until it can be safely transmitted. Buffering will also make sure your video runs more smoothly when using a slower computer.

Setting up your optical train with the QHY294C is easy! It has the same body design and mechanical interface as the QHY163, giving you short back focus and plenty of spacer options.

QHY294C Cooled Color CMOS Camera Specifications

  • Sensor: Sony SONY IMX294 BSI CMOS Back Illimunated CMOS
  • Optical Format: Typical 4/3 inch
  • Sensor Size: 19.3mm x 12.6mm
  • Pixel Size: 4.63um
  • Effective Pixels: 4164 x 2796, 11.6 Megapixels
  • Full Well: 65ke-
  • A/D: 14-bits (output as 16-bit and 8-bit)
  • Shutter: Electronic Shutter
  • Exposure Time: 60us - 3600s
  • Frame Rate: 16.5FPS at 11.6Mp 14-bits, up to 290FPS at ROI
  • Peak QE: 75% (Est.)
  • Read Noise: 1.0 - 1.6e at High Gain, 4.2 - 6.8e at Low Gain
  • Dark Current: 0.005e-/p/s@-20C
  • Cooling Delta T: 2-stage TEC, -35C
  • Anti-Dew: Yes
  • Image Buffer: 256MB DDR3
  • Computer: USB3.0
  • Mechanical: M42/0.75 Female Thread
  • Weight: 650g
  • Power: 30W at 100% TEC, 13W at 50% TEC





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