> SVBONY SV165 30mm F4 Mini Guide Scope[즉시공급]
* 상품가격 70,000원 700원
* 상품코드 0170_00004
* 배송기간 2일 ~ 4일
* 수량선택


SVBONY 30mm f/4 Compact Ultra-Mini Guide Scope for SV305 Pro ZWO Auto Guiding Cameras


1.Compatible with mainstream auto-guiding cameras; 1.25in and M42 mount interface designed for compatible with SV305 Pro and for Orion ZWO QHY and so on auto-guiding cameras(Some camera models require additional accessories to assist in focusing)
2.Sharp image; Ultra-wideband fully multilayer-coated lens; doublet glass and the 30mm achromatic optics prevent irritating reflections can bring you bright and clear images
3.45mm back focus distance; Allows easy and precise focus adjustments and f4 aperture optics provides a very wide field of view which will help to quickly find the target when performing astronomical observations
4.Nylon-tipped thumbscrews; Comes with the mounting rings with plastic-tipped screws as not to scratch the scope tube and it can be moved to any position
5.Quality craftsmanship; By using high-level CNC metal processing technology; the SV165 guide scope has an exquisite appearance; delicate feel and beautiful shape; fine workmanship bringing you visual enjoyment


1.Brand: SVBONY
2.Model: SV165
3.Lens Diameter: 30 mm
4.Focal Length: 120 mm
5.Coated: FMC
6.Support interface: 1.25in Or M42*0.75 mount Camera
7.Focuser Type: Front Part Focuser
8.Back Focus: Adjustable
9.Dovetail includes 1/4″ screw hole
10.Tube Travel: 45 mm
11.Surface technology: Sandblasting oxidation
12.Material: Aluminum Profile
13.Net Weight: 342g / 0.75lb / 12.06oz
14.Body Size: 92x56x78mm / 3.62x2.20x3.07 in

★SV165 Mini Guide Scope Support sensitive auto-guiding cameras for easy guide star acquisition
★Getting this guide scope makes sense for most astrophotographers out there.
★If you're just starting out, SV165 Mini Guide Scope is easy to use and performs well.
★If you're at the other extreme, using SV165 Mini Guide Scope on your smaller imaging rigs is more practical than trying to mount a larger, more exotic guide scope.
★If portability is important to you, SV165 Mini Guide Scope's compact size and relatively low weight will cooperate with your requirements.
▶Note: Back focus distance can stretch up to 45mm. Please pay attention to stretch to the end.


--11cm x7.8cm with lens and dust cover, the 30mm guide scope is convenient to carry
--342g weight adds hardly any weight to an astrophotography setup

Package Details:

1XSVBONY 30mm f/4 mini Guide Scope
1XTwo-Ring bracket with a dovetail
1XTwo Nylon-tipped thumbscrews
1XOne Screws Tool
1XOne Dust Cover
1XOne Lens Cover




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