> iOptron iEQ30 PRO+적도의케이스
* 상품가격 2,090,000원 20,900원
* 상품코드 0129_00044
* 배송기간 2일 ~ 4일
* 수량선택


Introducing the NEW iEQ30 Pro!--- the next in the iEQ Series of high-performance, portable equatorial mounts. We've made a few changes that we think you'll like.

The iEQ30 Pro offers the next generation GoTo technology from iOptron?. It come standard with a calibrated dark field illumination polar scope, built-in GPS, and sturdy 1.5 -inch stainless steel tripod legs. Plus, it offers premium performance in an easy-to-transport package.

    • Specialized astrophotography mount ideal for entry-level and intermediate astrophotographers
    • Payload: 30 lbs
    • Mount weight: 15 lbs
    • Updated with more advanced control electronics
    • Ultra quiet slewing and tracking
    • Higher gear ratio (RA 180 teeth | DEC 144 teeth)
    • 1.8 degree stepper motor, 128 microsteps
    • Resolution: 0.09 arc second
    • Permanent periodic error correction (PPEC)
    • Maximum slew speed 6 deg/sec (1440X)
    • Built-in 32-channel GPS
    • Hand controller with Advanced GOTONOVA? GoTo Technology and heating mechanism
    • Lowest working temperature: -20oC
    • Power interruption recovery feature
    • RS232 port for mount firmware upgrade and ASCOM control
    • ST-4 autoguiding port
    • 1.5 inch heavy-duty stainless steel tripod legs (10.6 lbs)
    • Die cast metal tripod spreader with accessory tray
    • Optional 42-inch (#8033) or 48-inch (#8030) pier available.
    • AccuAlignTM polar scope with dark-field illumination and Quick Polar Alignment procedure, allowing for fast and accurate polar alignment
    • Optional foam-fitted sturdy hard case for storage and travel available (#8080)
    • Comes standard with: 4.5kg counterweight, AC adaptor, 12V DC car plug adaptor, Stainless Steel counterweight shaft, RS232-RJ9 cable.

    Technical Specifications

    Mount German Equatorial Mount
    Payload 30 lbs (13.5kg)
    Mount Weight 15 lbs (6.8kg)
    Latitude Adjustment Range 0º ~ 65º
    Azimuth Adjustment Range ± 6º
    RA Worm period 480 S
    Right Ascension Worm Wheel Ø110 mm, 180 teeth
    Declination Worm Wheel Ø88 mm, 144 teeth
    RA and DEC worm Ø15.2 mm, M=0.6, brass
    RA Bearing Ø68 mm
    DEC Bearing Ø55 mm
    Right Ascension Axis Shaft Ø40 mm, steel
    Declination Axis Shaft Ø30 mm, steel
    Gear meshing Zero backlash
    CW shaft Ø20 mm, Stainless steel
    CW 10 lbs (4.5kg) 
    Mount base diameter Ø120 mm
    Dovetail saddle Vixen
    Level indicator Precision bubble
    Polar Scope AccuAlignTM G2 polar scope, dark field illumination
    Drive Motor 1.8° stepper motor, 128 microdivision
    Resolution 0.14 arc seconds (256 PPS)
    Transmission 48MXL Synchronous belt
    Motor control Open loop
    PEC Permanent PEC
    Hand controller Go2Nova? 8407+,359,000 objects database, star recognition
    HC display 8 line, 21 character LCD, heated
    Slew speed 9 speeds, 6°/sec max (1440X)
    Tracking rate Sidereal/Solar/Lunar/King/User 
    Meridian treatment Stop (0-15° pass) and auto flip
    GPS Build-in 32 Channel GPS
    Communication port RS232
    Guiding port ST-4
    Power interuption recover Yes 
    Power requirement DC 12V (11~15V) 2A
    Power consumption 0.4A(Tracking) 0.6A(GOTO)
    Computer control Yes (ASCOM)
    Operation temperature -20~45°C
    Tripod 1.5” Stainless Steel (10.6lb or 4.8kg)




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