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> APM Super Zoom Eyepiece 7.7mm to 15.4mm with 1.25" connector and filter thread[즉시공급]
* 상품가격 660,000원 6,600원
* 상품코드 0168_00014
* 배송기간 2일 ~ 4일
* 수량선택

New APM Super Zoom eyepiece 7.7 mm to 15.4 mm


  • Wide field of view
  • Excellent mechanical and optical quality, very good haptics
  • Very good viewing position
  • Universally usable, both terrestrial and astronomical observation
  • Also usable on fast optics
  • Clickstop 8 Clicks : 7,7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15,4
  • 2 upper external threads for connection of Tele Vue Dioptrix or adapter M43 x 0.75 and M37 x 0.75
  • 1.25' and 2'  barrel with 1.25' filter thread
  • apparent field at 7.7mm it is  67° and at 15.4mm it is 66°

Product description
Our APM Super-Zoom eyepiece is a modern new development for universal use during the day and in the night sky. Great emphasis was placed on excellent optical and mechanical quality as well as optimized ergonomics. The completely re-calculated optics show excellent resolution and contrast values as well as a sharp image at a large apparent field of view.
The conical eye shape, the slim body, the high eye relief and the integrated thread for the Tele Vue Dioptrix , make this APM Super Zoom the ideal zoom eyepiece for binocular observation.

There is almost no need to refocus when changing magnification. You can now zoom in on your favorite objects without losing image quality. The wide focal length range allows the use on very many instruments, whether on a compact Apo or on a large Dobsonian.

We have also tested this eyepiece on a 20' F/3.6 Dobsonian, and it has shown an impressive performance up to the edge. That means we recommend this eyepiece also for very fast Newtonian/Dobsonian telescopes.

All optical components are of course modern multi-coated, blackened lens edges go without saying. The pupil distance (eye relief) is between 18 and 20mm, so it is very user-friendly. The maximum Ø of 56mm also allows the use on a binocular attachment.

Our APM Super-Zoom eyepiece is an optical top product at an excellent price, which does not have to hide behind much more expensive zoom eyepieces!

Focus position: Reference Tele Vue Ethos 13 mm...the APM Super Zoom must be moved 12 mm further in.

The APM Super-Zoom does not come into focus in binoculars with interchangeable eyepieces, except in the APM 150 mm ED and SD.

  • APM Zoom eyepiece 7.7mm - 15.4mm
  • Dust caps
  • Packaging




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